Saturday, 3 August 2013

I had xperia mini which runs on android ice cream sandwich 4.0 .4
Few days before I upgraded it in to android jellybean 4.1 .2 by installing cynogen mod 10.0 aftermarket firmware.

But I noticed there missing feature that I loved more which is transparency.
So I decompile cyanogen mod stock systemui.apk and add  some transparency to it:-)

I decide to share it with you. So if you want to add some transparency just follow following following steps.

"The system ui modification is only for xperia mini (st15) which runs on jellybean 4.1.2 cyanogen mod rom. Please do not try this on any other variant of xperia devices or any other variant of android versions or android Roms.":O

1.xperia mini st15
2. Cyanogen mod 10.0 installed.
3. Root access. ( don't think about that all mod roms are pre-rooted unless you de-root it:-P)

Step 1:
Please follow the given link and download zip folder and extract it. You will be find file named systemui.apkThen copy it into sd card of your device.


Step 2:
Use any file explorer and Mount device/system/app folder with read and write permission.

Step 3:
Now move downloaded it systemui.apk file in to the folder which device/system/ app

Then it will be ask for overwriting the file and you should allow it to overwrite.

If you done everything correctly know your phone must be stuck:-P:-P

Don't worry everything is ok just restart your phone and enjoy transparency.:-):-)

[ screenshots of my phone]


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