Monday, 24 February 2014

Among the insurance companies which are operates in Sri Lanka, I have personal experiences with Celinco, Janasakthi and Sanasa.

Unfortunately almost all those experiences are unpleasant. How ever honestly I would say Janasakthi is bit better than Sanasa and Celinco.

Few days ago,actually on past poya day, my car (Nissan FB 15,Super Saloon) Met with an accident at the Vilachchiya Road,Anuradhapura with Mazda.Mazda was behind the me with High speed more then 100kmph and driver couldn't control that and just crashed with each other.

Right tail lamp,fender,rear buffer and diki door are damaged and buffer and tail lamp had to replace.Approximately it was Rs.45000 costly repair.My car is insured at SANASA (SLIC)

Other's car,Mazda is damaged very high.Front buffer,Headlights, engine mounts, radiator, fans,power steering rack were completely damaged. It was more than Rs.300000 costly repair.It was insured at Union

How ever at the moment that accident happens both of us just called the police and our insurance companies.

Within 30 minutes Union assurance came to the place and proceeded. Also given approval to repair and carrier facilities are offered to him.Then  police came to the place and both of us agreed to settle down. Then police leaved and we are waiting more than 3 hours till SANASA come. Accident happens at 17.45 and they came after 21.00 They just took photos by mobile. Actually I don't think at least that photos were clear.
They gave a leaflet and leaved. Then I was waited 3 days till Monday. After that they given approval to repair.

Then I repaired and ask for claims.
Story is began now.
After that and they said market value of the car has been raised by,12% than at the time I insured.And they are going to deduct 12% by my claim.
Finally I said,OK,Just give me the rest.
Then the asked for salvages and I gave old buffer and broken tail lamp.

Then that fucking fellows said that the lamp.should not replaced and just Fiber and fix.
I said no,I couldn't drive a garbage.
Then they hold my claim and start to barking. I called RM and nothing happened.

Then I filed a case at district court and let.them know.
To morning they called and paid full amount.Also  said sorry and ask me to leave  the case.
I got the money. But who care about the my time that they wasted? Today is 25. 11 days they are fucked.
How ever I leaved the case.But never go to SILC back again.

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